Paso del Norte region

El Paso, Texas
Health Leadership

The future of health in our community requires well-trained, supported and capable leadership. The Health Foundation designed the REALIZE Executive Leadership program to create a dynamic network of skilled leaders committed to improving health now and for the benefit of future generations.

REALIZE was developed to transform already effective leaders into “transformational leaders” for the benefit of the region’s health. The leadership experience prepares participants to address regional health needs, while engaging in world-class leadership development.

Established in 2011, more than 60 seasoned and emerging leaders have graduated from the program and are taking this new knowledge to their organization and communities. The success of the program has opened opportunities for the Health Foundation to adapt a leadership model for board members.

In 2016, the REALIZE Board Training was developed to provide training to nonprofit organizations in the region on effective governance and growing capacity. The REALIZE Board Training has been well received with several trainings in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

REALIZE Executive Leadership Program

The REALIZE program is dedicated in honor of Robert H. Hoy, Jr. Mr. Hoy was a founding board member of the Health Foundation and Paso del Norte Charitable Foundation. His leadership, support and advocacy of these foundations and his role as a leader and mentor to countless young leaders are among his many wonderful contributions to health and well-being in the region. The Health Foundation is pleased to offer REALIZE programs to build health leaders in honor and furtherance of Mr. Hoy's legacy.

The Health Foundation will launch the fourth REALIZE Executive Leadership and expand the REALIZE Board Training in 2017.

"No one goes it alone. Changing the health of a community requires relationship…people working in concert because they want to. Relationship-building is foundational to the REALIZE program. During my REALIZE experience, I tried to get to know my cohort colleagues, to learn more about them than titles and career plans, to learn how their brains and hearts worked. REALIZE facilitated that learning process. It provided the forum to build trust and establish lasting relationships." - Bruce Parsons, Assistant Director, City of El Paso – Department of Public Health